Google Chrome 87 What’s New?


Google released a new Chrome update – Chrome 87. This is the last Chrome release in 2020, and it has introduced a lot of exciting new features. Along with some minor changes, Chrome 87 includes a new PDF viewer, performance updates, fresh wallpapers for Chrome OS, Chrome actions, etc.

Google Chrome 87According to Google, Chrome 87 “represents the biggest gain in Chrome performance in years. As per test results, Chrome 87 starts 25% faster and loads pages up to 7% faster.

Compared to previous versions, Chrome 87 prioritizes active tabs versus all open ones, leading to better active tab performance while using less power and RAM.

Along with minor modifications, Chrome 87 also introduces some interesting features that will change your browsing experience on the internet. Below, we’ve shared some of the key features of Chrome 87.

Find Your Open Tabs

If you’re one of those people who keep multiple tabs open in their browser, this can be a useful feature. Chrome 87 added an arrow icon in the status bar that lets you see all open tabs. You can search for a tab in Chrome’s tab search option and switch to it right away.

However, the feature is now available on Chromebooks and Chrome OS. It may take a few more days to arrive on other desktop platforms.

Chrome Actions

Chrome 87 introduces a useful feature known as ‘Chrome Actions.’ Chrome Actions is a quick and simple way to take actions right from the URL bar. In Chrome 87, the Omnibox displays shortcuts to basic settings such as clearing browser history, editing passwords, etc.

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For example, if you type ‘Clear history’, it will offer a shortcut to open the browser history deletion page. Similarly, you can type ‘edit password’, and you will get a direct shortcut to Password settings.

New PDF Viewer

The PDF viewer of the Chrome web browser has undergone a major visual makeover. The new PDF viewer has a sidebar that shows thumbnail previews of all the pages in the document. Also, the buttons are shifted to the top of the screen.

Along with that, the new menu also includes a new option to view pages side by side. However, to enable the new PDF viewer in Chrome 87, you must go to the URL – chrome: // flags / # pdf-viewer-update and enable the ‘PDF Viewer Update‘ Â

Camera Control

During the Corona Virus crisis, video conferencing has become very important. Businesses and professionals have turned to video conferencing to stay connected with their customers and colleagues. Chrome 87 introduces several improved camera features to facilitate video conferencing.

If you have a camera that supports pan, tilt, and zoom, Google Chrome can now access those controls. That means you don’t need to install any third-party software to control the camera. You can do it directly through this Chrome browser.Â