Google Changes the Appearance of YouTube Music Playlists on Android : Okezone techno


JAKARTAGoogle It’s reportedly bringing a new makeover to YouTube Music, where the company is changing the “playlist” view for Android users.

Quoted from 9to5Google, Monday (9/5/2022), later the display that will change is showing the playlist maker and the last year of the playlist update, as well as displaying a cover image which is an image of the musician who created the work.

This look, makes the YouTube Music app look more futuristic and easy to use than before which feels a lot like when one is using the main YouTube.

When the playlist is opened, there will be a picture of the musician on the left along with the song title and users can select the three-dot option on the right to access “download”, “add to library”, “Play”, and “Share”.

Users can also search for the desired song while still using “Search” which is in the same position as before.

Slightly different from other streaming music players, Google does not tell the number of songs that are in the “playlist”.

So far, only users in France have received a design update for the YouTube Music service. It is not yet known whether this new display is included in the test version or has been officially released to the public.

YouTube also has not provided clarity whether this display update will apply to global services or not.

Finally, YouTube Music’s display updates are being developed, such as setting up splashing backgrounds, then there’s also a “Mixed For You” mixed playlist, and there’s also a new option in the form of a “Smart Downloads” icon.

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