Google Android 13 Beta for TV Adds Cool Features, Anything?


The main theme of the new Android 13 Beta for TV is increasing customization options for users to customize the way they interact with the platform. A major new feature is a picture in picture (PiP) which will snap shows to the side of the screen as you browse the menus of your smart TV.

It aims to let people who have large TVs get the most out of their screens to improve multitasking. It’s not known how big the mini window will be, but according to Android 13 Beta for TV 2, developers can choose between 1:2.39 or 2.39:1 aspect ratio.

There are also new changes coming to the Keyboard Layouts API to support different layouts in addition to the traditional QWERTY standard. Android 13 Beta 2 includes performance changes to the system audio and HDMI interface, but it’s unknown how the changes will materialize.

Quoted Tech Radar, Friday (13/5/2022), Google released Android 13 beta for TV pretty quickly. Beta 1 launched less than a week ago on May 6. Beta Launch is only for developers where they can test if their app is compatible with OS.

After this, there will be two more betas and then the official release of Android 13 Beta for TV. Beta 3 will see Android 13 Beta for TV in a more stable state. While Beta 4 is tuned for final testing on apps and features.


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