Give your mobile a Motorola touch with the wallpapers of the new Motorola Edge 30


If you liked the new wallpapers of the latest top-of-the-range Motorola, right here you can download their galleries totally free to personalize your smartphones.

The new ones flagship from Motorola They are already official in half the world, although the manufacturer of North American origin and now Chinese property has wanted to make it difficult for us with different names depending on the different regions where they are availableThus, the same device is known as Motorola Edge Plus 2022 in the United States or Edge 30 Pro in India and other countries, and is also very similar to the Moto Edge X30 that had already been launched in China at the end of 2021.

Be that as it may, we have not come here to talk to you about Some smartphones that you can already know in depth by following the links in line that we have left you right up here, so we are not going to entertain you in vain because what we want is bring you new wallpapers so you can personalize your current Android phones with the latest galleries designed by Motorola, which come prepared to get the most out of AMOLED panels with some really interesting images.

Motorola Edge 30

This is the new and neat Edge 30 Pro from Motorola.

We are talking about a complete gallery with twenty-one wallpapers high resolution static13 of which are included in both the Edge Plus 2022/Edge 30 Pro and the Moto Edge X30, while another 8 wallpapers that are exclusive to the Chinese model have also been added to complete the package, as we know. counted the companions of xda-developers.

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Most of the backgrounds are abstract following current trends, using dark bases and contrasting bright colors with effects bokehalthough in the case of Motorola they have dared to bring us that touch of nostalgia that is always appreciated, recovering this time the header wallpaper of the original Moto X with its multicolored cement blocks.

Motorola Wallpapers in 2022

These are some of the ‘wallpapers’ designed by Motorola for its 2022 mobiles.

Unfortunately no animated wallpaper is included in the new galleries of Motorola, although taking into account that in his case they use a little more battery perhaps even that is good news.

However, as we already know that The best thing about Android has always been being able to customize our smartphones to our likingand in case you don’t like these Motorola backgrounds or they are not enough for you, right here we also leave you our complete weekly compilation so that you can choose the best… Don’t miss it!

The best wallpapers for your mobile

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