GI 10 May 2022, Latest Genshin Impact Redeem Code Get Free Primogem and Mora from MiHoYo


PORTAL LEBAK – Don’t forget, when exchanging GI codes, make sure you have reached Adventure Level 10, the latest redeem code for GI Genshin Impact players, which was updated by MiHoYo.

And who is the fastest to claim can get a free gift, Genshin Impact Redeem Code 10 May 2022. Immediately claim the latest code and get tens of thousands of Primogems for free.

To exchange the Genshin Impact redeem code, you also need to create a character and reach at least Adventure Rank ten, and you should immediately exchange the latest redeem code on May 10, 2022, so you don’t miss out on various free gifts.

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The latest redeem code for GI 10 May 2022 can only be exchanged once per account.

Here are some easy steps, namely:

1. Visit the Genshin Impact code redemption page :
2. Make sure you are logged in with the correct account linked
3. Log in first with your respective accounts.
4. Select the server according to your account, enter the character nickname, and finally fill in the redeem code listed above.
5. Click “Redeem”.
6. After you have successfully redeemed the code, you will receive a gift via in-game mail.

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The following is an updated list of the latest Genshin Impact GI redeem codes on Tuesday 10 May 2022:

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