Get acquainted with WhatsApp Reaction and how to use its features


AYOSEMARANG.COM — Here’s how to use the WhatsApp Reaction feature in the messaging application.

WhatsApp is still the most popular messaging app in the world. In order to keep its loyal users, WhatsApp often makes features that can spoil its users. One of them is the WhatsApp Reaction feature.

The WhatsApp Reaction feature is new to WA’s parent company, Meta. This feature was first on Instagram and Facebook Messenger. This latest, the Reaction feature is present on WhatsApp with Android, iOS and desktop OS.

What is WhatsApp Reaction?

Reporting from Suara–the Ayosemarang network, WhatsApp Reaction is a new feature in the WA application in the form of emojis to respond to an incoming chat. This feature was created to make it easier for users to send messages when they can’t type a few words for some reason.

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The launch of WA Reaction itself was announced by the CEO of Meta, Mark Zuckerberg through his Facebook account. There are at least six emojis that users can use to respond to messages, both in groups and private messages between accounts.

The six emojis include a heart, thumb, sad, laughing, surprised emoji to the emoji of both hands as a sign of gratitude. In the future, Mark plans to add the number of emojis so that users have more reactions when sending messages on WA.

Can be used in Indonesia

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