Genshin Impact Player Banned 15 Years For Calling Covid-19 from China


No need to ask anymore, player Genshin Impact has a very large number of players from various countries. The game managed to steal the attention of gamers with its interesting features. However, this game cannot be separated from various controversies regarding the game made by miHoYo. One of them is a player Genshin Impact got banned for 15 years because he said COVID-19 came from China.

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Well, how can that be? Instead of being confused and curious, let’s find out together!

Genshin Impact Player Get Banned 15 Years

Genshin Impact China Sensor
Genshin Impact Player Banned 15 Years For Calling COVID-19 Originated from China 5

This information has gone viral in the community Genshin especially in China. It’s because a player got his game account hit banned for 15 years. It is known that he has violated the regulations set by miHoYo or HoYoverse.

Based on information from a video belonging to the Timaeus GenshinLab Youtube channel, the player was banned without any warning from the developer. He said that his account never used the app third party or hack. In fact he has spent a lot of money to play the miHoYo game.

Knowing that his game account was banned, he tried to contact miHoYo customer service to find out why they did this. But what he got from their reply only stated that the player had violated the regulations because of the talk or conversation that was prohibited by the developer.

The Cause of Banned Accounts For Saying COVID-19 Came From China

Genshin Impact Player Get Banned 15 Years

Knowing the unsatisfactory reply made this player furious and spread this information to the community Genshin Impact on the Weibo website. Of course, this unpleasant experience was strongly protested by other players because miHoYo was considered to have violated the right to free speech. Players whose accounts have been banned also plan to take this matter to law.

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However, it is known the original cause of the Player Genshin Impact he got banned for 15 years because he said sensitive things that shouldn’t be mentioned in this game. The player previously mentioned that the COVID-19 virus originated in China. In addition, he also did things that were to bring down the Chinese government by taking advantage of the Serenitea Pot feature in the game.

Knowing this fact, players began to form 2 camps between those who supported the banned player and those who supported miHoYo’s actions because the player had violated the regulations that all players had to obey.

Terms and Rules for Release of Video Games in China for Game Developers and Publishers

Chinese Game Developer
Genshin Impact Player Banned 15 Years For Calling COVID-19 Originated from China 6

See what happened to the Player Genshin Impact the above is quite understandable by other players considering that the miHoYo or HoYoverse developers must follow all the regulations imposed by the Chinese government. We can see this for ourselves, as evidenced by the censorship of some sensitive words in the chat feature or censorship on costumes that are considered unsuitable for game ratings. Genshin Impact.

Not many know the terms and conditions of game developers and publishers releasing their games in China. Previously we have made an article that discusses the topic so that you can find out the information. To find out more, you can read more through the Gamebrott article here.

That’s the information about the Player Genshin Impact got banned for 15 years for saying COVID-19 came from China. Will the player’s account return or will he have to lose his account and be banned and have to wait 15 years? Let’s just wait for the latest news someday.

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