Genshin Impact Earns IDR 43 Billion Only from Mobile


droidsnipe.comJakarta – Genshin Impact is one of the online game best seller in the world. Since released games This company managed to get revenue of up to US $ 3 billion (around Rp. 43 trillion) just from mobile.

This is obtained from shopping activities carried out by players for life, both on the App Store and Google Play Store. Which happened in less than two years, since its official launch on September 28, 2020.

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After its release, it took Genshin Impact about 171 days, to be able to generate its first US $ 1 billion (approximately Rp. 14.5 trillion) through mobile platforms. That number does not include expenses from third-party Android stores.

Besides that, Role Playing Game (RPG) made by miHoYo took 195 days to get the same amount. Then after its first year, within 185 days, it managed to break through to US$ 3 billion (around Rp. 43 trillion).

This means that Genshin Impact has an average income of US $ 1 billion (around Rp. 14.5 trillion) every six months. With these results, of course, Genshin Impact will become one of the best car gamese most successful of all time.

On the other hand, if you look at the sales data in Q1 2022, as mobile games Based on Gacha, Genshin Impact was able to rise to number one globally. Games it passed games other popular ones, such as Lineage W, Uma Musume Pretty Derby, Monster Strike, and Rise of Kingdoms.

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It is known, Genshin Impact generated US $ 567 million (approximately Rp. 8.2 trillion). That number is way above four games another, namely Lineage W in second place, with a total of USD 272 million (approximately Rp 3.9 trillion).

Even so, despite his success in mobile, miHoYo still has work to do. Since its release, there have been rumors that Nintendo Switch will be coming, but until now, console players still have to wait more patiently for it.