Full Review and Specifications of Samsung Galaxy A23


HARIANHALUAN.COM – Samsung released another new entry-level phone in Indonesia in April 2022. The newest phone is Samsung Galaxy A23.

The successor to the Galaxy A22 is designed to be more trendy, because the target market is young people who want to continue to follow current trends. It’s not just the appearance that has changed from its predecessor. Specification Samsung The Galaxy A23 has also increased compared to the Galaxy A22.

In Indonesia, the price Samsung The Galaxy A23 is priced at IDR 3.5 million for 6 GB / 128 GB RAM. So, what does the Galaxy A23 look like from all sides and what are the increased specifications and features that it brings? The following is a review of the Indonesian version of the Galaxy A23 as reported by Kompas Tekno.

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Review Samsung Galaxy A23

trendy design

The design of the Galaxy A23 cellphone at a glance is very similar to Samsung A13 which was also released simultaneously. Not only that the face looks similar, but the back at a glance is very identical.

The screens of the Galaxy A23 and A13 both have a “V” shaped notch, or in Samsung’s design language called Inifnity-V. While the back, both are equipped with four lenses and an LED flash. It’s just that the rear camera module of the Galaxy A23 is a bit different when you look closely.

Galaxy A23 Camera

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