Full Details of the Spices from The West Genshin Impact Event which will be held soon


On livestream special program Genshin Impact 2.6, it has been mentioned that this game will be held in various ways events interesting with prizes that inspire the souls of the Travelers to finish them immediately. One of which is events Spices from The West!

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Announcement about implementation events it has been launched through official accounts such as Facebook and Twitter. Events Spices from The West will be held from May 14, 2022 and ends in 07 June 2022.

So, what is there to know about events Genshin Impact this one? Let’s watch together until the end, brot!

Genshin Impact Event Details “Spices from The West”

Spices from the West Genshin Impact
Spices from the West Genshin Impact

A woman from Sumeru named Nazafarin came all the way to Liyue to carry out certain research. Your duty as a traveler who is virtuous and happy to help is definitely asked to help Miss Nazafarin. Of course, you will be given a very attractive prize!

Participation Terms

  • Travelers must be in Adventure Rank 20 or more to make the seasoning
  • Traveler is in Adventure Rank 28 or more and complete quest Idle Teapot Talk” to cook food and ask the characters to taste it.

Event Details

Every day there will be one type of spice that is open for 7 days of the event. Follow the recipe to make “Fragrant Seasoningsand get rewards which is interesting. These Fragrant Seasonings can be added to Delicious dishes to get Fragrant Dishes.

Travelers can invite characters to taste Fragrant Dishes it’s in Serenitea Pot. Its function is so that Companionship EXP increases and you can hear their response to your work.

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Of course, the response you get will vary, depending on their preferences. Besides, there is a limit Companionship EXP Also what you can get at events Genshin Impact this one.

If maintenance Serenitea Pot Placement Function been finished for events, Travelers can invite a colleague to rest in Serenitea Pot and try your food.

That’s the full details events Spices from The West in the Genshin Impact game that you can follow up to 07 June 2022 later. Of course you will be given attractive prizes such as Primogems what you really want!

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