Frequently communicating via WhatsApp, Dinar Candy claims to be close to Ridho Divine’s parents


TRIBUNNEWS.COM – DJ Dinar Candy claimed to have a close relationship with Ridho Divine’s parents.

Even though they are on different islands, there is no intention to stop Dinar Candy from continuing to communicate with her lover’s parents.

In fact, when Dinar’s birthday, Ridho Divine’s parents had time to send messages via WhatsApp.

“Close, like WhatsApp.”

“It’s like saying it was your birthday yesterday, it’s like you like to talk about gifts,” said Dinar Candy, quoted from YouTube Seleb Oncam News, Monday (9/5/2022).

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During his 29th birthday on April 21, 1993, Dinar Candy admitted that he had received a gift from Ridho Divine.

“Transfer,” said Dinar Candy with a smile.

“Ridho asked like this, ‘What do you want to buy?’, I want to buy a bag, right.”

“‘Ah, your bag costs this and this, so I just transferred it to add it,'” continued Dinar Candy.

However, he used the money transferred from his lover to buy jewelry.

DJ Dinar Candy
DJ Dinar Candy (Tribunnews Collage/ Screenshot of Oncam News Celebrity YouTube Account)

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