Forgot Pattern Xiaomi REDMI 9A Without PC


Xiaomi Indonesia has just launched its newest product, the Xiaomi Redmi 9a, this Redmi 9a is equipped with the latest MIUI, namely MIUI 12 and has a 5000 mAh battery size, 6.5.3-inch screen with HD + screen resolution, planted with the Mediatek Helio chipset The G25 and the Redmi camera sector have a rear camera size of 13 Megapixel and a 5 Megapixel front camera,

Xiaomi Redmi 9

Continue to how to overcome forgotten pattern and by pass google account on Redmi 9a cellphone without a PC or laptop,Â

  1. The first step is to turn off the cellphone by pressing the power button, then after turning it off press the “power and volume up +” buttons simultaneously to enter fastboot mode,
  2. Then the “MAIN MENU” screen will appear, select wipe data – wipe data all, then click confirm using the power button to navigate up and down using the volume up + and down – buttons, wait until the loading process is complete. This process takes about 5 to 10 minutes.
  3. After the process is complete you will return to the homescreen or the initial display of your cellphone, Select Indonesian language and Indonesian location for easy understanding of the next steps,
  4. Then click next and don’t connect your wifi network then click next until “Set Password” click skip and continue until the setting display is complete, remember don’t connect your wifi network. Then the “NOT SIGN IN” screen will appear, click prepare profile.Â
  5. Back again to the initial stage, this time you connect to a wifi network, click next and continue to the ‘Checking Update’ screen, the loading process is a little long, after it’s finished, the ‘Copy application and data’ display will appear, click skip until it appears “Unlock After Factory Reset” view.Â
  6. Then you click “Use Google Account to Replace”, if you remember the Google account logged in on the cellphone, even if you don’t remember or forget,
  7. You click the back button to get to ‘Connect Network’ then click forget network. After that click next to ‘google services’ click agree,
  8. The “Set Password” screen will appear, choose a pattern, just draw an easy pattern so it’s easy to remember, then click next and continue until you get to the ‘settings complete’ display. If the “Not logged in” screen appears, don’t worry because the next step is the last step,
  9. Your last step is to click back to the initial stage, select the language and now connect your Wifi network remember to connect it with Wifi, click next until you get to the ‘Pattern Image’ view that you have set in the previous step , draw the pattern then click next and set your settings in the next steps and Taraaaaaaaa” Your cellphone is back to Normal, enter the Menu or Homescreen view.
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You need to be reminded to pay attention to every step so that nothing goes wrong, I hope this tutorial can help you, thank you.

Hopefully useful,.Â