Following Windows, WhatsApp Beta Application is Reportedly Coming to macOS

WhatsApp Beta App on Windows


WhatsApp Beta App on Windows – WhatsApp has become a messaging service that has many users around the world.

Starting from children, teenagers, to adults, not a few who regularly send messages via WhatsApp.

In order to maintain its existence, this Meta subsidiary does not stop innovating for the sake of innovation.

Recently, WhatsApp is reported to be innovating again by launching the WhatsApp Beta application for users of the macOS operating system (OS).

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As is known, until now the WhatsApp Beta application on the PC or desktop platform is only available on the Windows OS.

Even then, not all Windows computers or laptops can use the WhatsApp Beta application.

The new WhatsApp Beta application is compatible with computers or laptops with OS Windows 10 or later.

But recently, WABetaInfo reports that WhatsApp is ready to bring the WhatsApp Beta app on macOS OS.

Later, WhatsApp Beta on macOS will have the same functionality and work as WhatsApp Beta on Windows. Read more on the second page.


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