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First in History, Clash Royale Presents Massive Discount Event


Supercell is back in action events big in Clash Royale from October 18 to 26. Later, Supercell will bring events Slash Royale. Events This special is here for loyal Clash Royale players.

In events In this case, Supercell will give players the opportunity to get a lot of gold, upgrade cards with lower costs, and many other interesting things. Even, events This is the first time in the history of Clash Royale.

The most interesting part in events this is that all card upgrades will cost you half the usual price. Therefore, this moment is a great opportunity for players to maximize their cards.

In addition, players can earn up to 200,000 gold by earning trophies and towers through the game. Based on your arena, you can secure a lot of gold just by playing the game.

Daily rewards will also come to the shop and will reward players with up to 50,000 gold. Besides that, Golden Mirror Challenge (18 to 21 October) and Triple Elixir Global Tournament (October 22 to 26) will also give players the chance to earn 50,000 and 25,000 more gold, respectively.

During the event, players can also buy some books with the best offers. These items can be used to upgrade the more cards you have. In a blog post announcing the event, Supercell teased that they were preparing something bigger in Clash Royale. Players will likely find out what’s in store in the weeks to come.

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