FIFA 22 Adrection Apk + OBB Data (Offline) Latest Android 2022

11 – For those of you who often play soccer games, of course, you have tasted all the gameplay of the soccer game. However, have you tried the FIFA 22 Adrection Apk soccer game?

If you haven’t tried the gameplay of this soccer game, you must follow the discussion that we will provide in this article until the end.

Playing games is certainly very fun, especially if the game you are playing is your own favorite game.

As on the Adresi Apk site, you can play for free and also have gameplay that is quite easy to add with great graphic quality, namely Full HD.

For the FIFA 22 Adrection Apk game, it is actually the same as football games in general, because the way to play it is almost the same as the DLS 2022 Mod game.

However, there is a little different from this Adresion Apk where you can play it offline, so you no longer need to activate the internet network on your mobile device.

Therefore, it is not surprising that this Adresion Apk has many fans, because there are several advantages that this game has.

Therefore, if you want to try the FIFA 22 Adrection Apk game, you can refer to the review that we will provide below.

What is an Adrection Apk?

FIFA 22 Adrection Apk

There are some people who don’t know about this Adrection Apk. Actually this Adresion Apk is one of the sites that provides a download link for the FIFA 22 Mod game.

In addition, this site also presents several excellent features that attract the attention of all users of Android and iOS devices.

In this FIFA 22 Adrection Apk you will get players for free which means you can transfer players without using money to buy these players.

Therefore, with the free player transfer feature, you can easily build a soccer team filled with world-class players such as Cristiano Ronaldo, Messi, M.Salah, and many others.

In the FIFA 22 Adrection Apk, there are also several tournaments that you can participate in starting from the English League, Spanish League, Champions League and even the Indonesian League.

For that, if you want to play a game on the FIFA 22 Adrection Apk, it’s a good idea to see the review below about the excellent features it has.

Featured Features of FIFA 22 Adrection Apk

FIFA 22 Adrection Apk

For feature issues, the FIFA 22 Adrection Apk is no less interesting, because there are excellent features that you can enjoy and use for free.

If you are curious about the features offered by the Adresi Apk, you can immediately see the full review below.

1. Player Updates

This FIFA 22 Adrection Apk has excellent features that other games don’t have, namely player updates. Where this game always follows the player transfer market, so we don’t need to buy the players we need.

2. Free Player Transfer

In addition to player updates, this FIFA 22 Adrection Apk also has a free player transfer feature. Therefore you can freely transfer players without having to spend a dime or free.

Of course, this is what makes the main attraction so that everyone wants to try this one game, because it can get world-class players for free.

3. Choice of League/Tournament

As we explained earlier, where this Adresi Apk has many options for leagues and tournaments that you can participate in, starting from the domestic league to the league between European clubs.

4. Mode Manager

As in soccer games in general, this game also has a manager mode. In this mode you can build a team both as a whole and individually.

In addition, you can also follow the transfer market for players who will be included in the list of new players needed for the team you are building.

5. Offline Mode

Maybe there are many soccer games that can only be played online, but this Adression Apk can be played offline which means you no longer need to use the internet network.

Of course, it’s very fun not to have this offline mode, so you can save on your mobile data expenses.

6. Support All Music

In this Adression Apk, all music is supported. Allows players to enjoy all music or songs when playing this game.

7. Full HD Graphics

Having graphics with Full HD quality is one of the advantages of this one site, so many people are looking for the download link.

With this feature, it is ensured that the resulting image will be like a treat whether it’s from players, the field, or others.

Of course, with this excellent feature, you as a football lover are very interested, don’t want to play this game. Well, therefore you can download the FIFA 22 Address Apk in the review below.

Download the Latest FIFA 22 Adrection Apk 2022

FIFA 22 Adrection Apk

To get this Adression Apk file is not easy because you have to search on several official websites from the site.

Therefore, if you are looking for the download link for the Adresion Apk, you can directly download it from the link we have prepared in the table below.

Details Description
App Name FIFA 22 Adrection Apk
File Size Varies
Version 1.1
Operating system Android 5.0+
Apk Download Link Here
OBB files Here

Before you start the download there is something you should pay attention to, namely the internet network. Where to download apk files and OBB files, you must have a stable internet network so you don’t experience problems such as pending or failed downloads.

How to Install the FIFA 22 Adrection Apk on Android

The process of installing or installing apk files from this site is different, unlike installing games on official services such as the Google Play Store or App Store.

Therefore, you need to see the tutorial that we will provide in the review below so that there are no errors that make the apk file unusable. Check out the following tutorial.

  1. The first step is to download the Adresion Apk game and OBB data at the link above.
  2. What if you have, then you can install.
  3. if there is an Unknown Source notification, you can just click Activate.
  4. Then click install again.
  5. Here you don’t play the game first, but move the OBB file first.
  6. Move the OBB data to the Andorid OBB folder.
  7. What if it has been moved then you can play the game.
  8. Done.

Is the FIFA 22 Adrection Apk Safe to Use?

Of course, some of you doubt or ask about this one download site, such as the security that some other soccer games have.

Maybe for now the Adression Apk is still safe, because many people have played this game.

However, it is possible that later the official developer of this game will impose sanctions such as permanently banning the account.

Therefore, before you play this game, it would be nice to think twice so that unexpected things don’t happen to the account you are using.


That was the information we could provide about the FIFA 22 Adrection Apk Mod Apk Latest Version 2022. See you at the next meeting and hopefully this article can help those of you who are looking for this game. Thank you

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