Fans Share Bennett Genshin Impact’s Misfortunes in One Commission


Daily Commission Genshin Impact is an important activity for all the players. Completing these daily missions, players will be rewarded with Primogems which can be used for pull character in wish banners.

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The daily missions are very easy to complete, especially if the player already has a maximized character. However, one of the players shared the experience of ‘complicated‘ when bringing Bennett Genshin Impact down on a mission.

A series of bad luck happened to the unfortunate Bennett Genshin Impact

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Fans Share Bennett Genshin Impact’s Misfortunes in One Commission 5

A Reddit user”rechimu20” share a funny video that proves Bennett Genshin Impact is indeed an adventurer who is always unlucky. The video shows a series of misfortunes that befell the “Leader of Benny’s Adventure Team“.

The video starts with the figure of Bennett fighting a group Cryo slime. Just as he was about to launch an attack, the ice slimes managed to freeze him first.

Furthermore, when he was about to launch skillsPassion Overload“, once again he managed to get frozen first by the slime the. Seeing this, rechimu20 directly change his character to Chongyun to defeat the group Cryo slime the. Lore Accurate Bennett Ci5gx7vfwiy81.mp4 000006266
Fans Share Bennett Genshin Impact’s Misfortunes in One Commission 6

Bennett’s misfortune didn’t stop there. Shortly after he managed to reach the point finishhe was immediately struck by lightning which made him jump off a cliff and die.

At least Bennett didn’t die in vain. The fact that he is still struggling to complete the mission deserves thumbs up as is his trademark that we have known so far.

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The video has attracted a lot of attention from the Genshin Impact community and has achieved more than 10k upvotes. Many comments claim that they also often experience similar incidents every time they complete a commission with Bennett. Lore Accurate Bennett Ci5gx7vfwiy81.mp4 000025333
Fans Share Bennett Genshin Impact’s Misfortunes in One Commission 7

They also claim that the location is indeed the most difficult place in region Inazuma because of his never ending thunderstorm. Even so, players can still change the weather on this island after completing a series of world quest.

Despite being dubbed as the most unlucky character in Teyvat, Bennett is still included in the list of the strongest characters in the game Genshin Impact. His Elemental Burst is very helpful as a support character where he can regenerate the HP of players in his circle, and can increase ATK damage. Bennett is also suitable to be invited into the entire composition of the team.

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