Failed to Surprise Husband, Wife Gets Zonk Shopee


droidsnipe.comJakarta – Unusual experience experienced by one user platform shopping on line, Shopee. Purchased an Eiger watch at the end of last April until now it is not known where the item is.

Even more fatal, the process of replacing the purchase money is also unclear. “Buy an Eiger watch worth IDR 899,000 on April 25, 2022, delivery using Shopee Express. On April 27, 2022, the package arrived at the Shopee Express Bogor Hub. On April 29, 2022, the status is ‘Awaiting operator departure schedule’. However, until May 3, 2022, there is still no change in status,” Faisal told reporters, Thursday (12/5/2022).

He added that the party who bought the watch was his wife, Dinda. The Eiger watch itself was bought by his wife as a birthday present for Faisal.

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Finally, he continued, his wife sent a message to Shopee via the feature Live chat with agent. “Dinda took the initiative to come directly to the hub to pick up the package herself. However, the CS (customer service) provides information if the package cannot be picked up directly and for the location of the outlet there is no further information. Then, CS asked for the address e-mail and told to wait 3 working days,” said Faisal again.

After three days, he said, on May 6, 2022, his wife chat again through the same feature. Then CS asked to wait until the 6th ended or 00.00 WIB.

“On May 7, 2022, I contacted Shopee’s internal PR after getting the contact from a friend. He asked for information on account names, receipt numbers, and order numbers,” he said.

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