Exolyt Becomes a TikTokers Earning Calculator App


droidsnipe.com, Jakarta – TikTok has become an entertainment application and a place to gain additional income for a number of influencers. In general, influencers earn income through various collaborations with certain brands or producers.

So, how do you find out the estimated nominal income of influencers? TikTokers estimated earnings can be calculated using the Exolyt application.

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This application is a site that provides statistical, analytical tools, to calculate the estimated earnings of TikTok creators.

Exolyt is suitable for influencers and brand owners for marketing purposes. With this site, users can monitor brands and competitors as well as other analytics based on data that can be utilized to create the best content.

This site can be accessed for free or premium. For free accounts, users can only try the income calculator through the earnings calculator site Exolyt.com by typing the username in the search field.

Next, you have to write your username in the “Calculate earnings” option. After you enter your name, the estimated income from the account will appear.

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In addition to displaying estimated earnings, this page will also show user profile analytics starting from the number of videos, likes, followers, scores, and the ratio of the number of followers who like. These features can be accessed by users for free and without registering.

For users who want to explore the full analytical features, you can register in advance and subscribe to Exolyt premium at a price of 49 euros or the equivalent of IDR 749 thousand.

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