Easy Ways to Remove Ads on Poco X3 NFC


Easy Ways to Remove Ads on Poco X3 NFC – As we all know, the POCO X3 is a midrange killer at a very affordable price and of course the same as the previous POCO smartphone, there are still advertisements on this smartphone.

It doesn’t matter, maybe for those of you who don’t want to bother removing this ad, but for those of you who like a clean UI, of course this ad is very annoying. How do I remove this ad? here’s how.

Easy Ways to Remove Ads on Poco X3 NFC

This article on how to remove ads itself is specifically for POCO X3 NFC, but you can also do this method for various other Xiaomi smartphones based on MIUI.

Easy Way to Disable ads on poco x3 NFC

Do you know where the ads on your Xiaomi smartphone come from? Well, for those who don’t know, this ad itself comes from Xiaomi’s operating system that is used by all types of their smartphones, namely MIUI. The Chinese giant includes advertisements in the operating system because they need additional funds from selling their inexpensive products.

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So, until this point you have understood why Xiaomi includes advertisements in their operating system? If so, without further ado, let’s just go to the tutorial on how to remove ads on POCO X3 NFC.

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Disable MSA or Ad Services

  • Disable MSA (MSA stands for “MIUI System Ads”)
  • Go to Settings> Password & Security> Authorization & Revocation.
  • Next go to Privacy> Ad Services and disable “Personalized as recommendations”.

Homescreen Folders

  • Select the folder for which you want to disable ads.
  • Hold down the folder, as if you were going to rename it.
  • The ad section will appear then select turn off.


  • Open the MIUI Themes app.
  • Open the MyPages menu.
  • Select Settings.
  • Turn off ads.

Google Play Store

  • Install any appls from Play Store Apk, after installing it then switch to another screen (scanning)> Settings (Right top corner)> Deactivate “Receive recommendations”.

File Manager

  • Open the File Manager application – select line three at the top end – settings – about / about – turn off recommendations

Security App

  • Go to security or security apps – settings – turn off receive recommendations

Mi Music

  • Enter Mi Music then select Settings> Advanced Settings> Scroll down> Disable “Show ads” You can also disable “Online Content services”.

Mi Browser

  • Enter Mi Browser then select Personalized (Bottom right)> Settings (Right above corner)> Scroll down> Other> Advanced> Disable “show ads”.

Mi Video

  • Enter Mi Video then click Settings (Right above startup screen)> Disable “Personalized recommendations”


  • Enter Download App then click Settings (Right above startup screen)> Disable “Show recommended content”


  • Enter Cleaner App then click Settings (Right above startup screen)> Disable “Show recommended content”
In addition to how to remove advertisements on Xiaomi devices especially the Poco X3 NFC mentioned above, you can also remove advertisements on Xiaomi cellphones by changing the custom ROM. Interestingly, custom ROMs are pretty much scattered around the internet and you can choose which one you like. One of the most famous is the Xiaomi EU Custom ROM. This custom ROM is presented to users in the European continent with a build base from the MIUI China stable ROM and China Developer.
That’s the easy way to remove ads on POCO X3 NFC. What do you think? Very easy isn’t it.

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