Download Xiaomi 12 wallpapers


Download Xiaomi 12 wallpapers

What better way to give a different and modern touch to your mobile than using one of the wallpapers of the new flagships on the market. And since we already brought you the wallpapers of the Samsung Galaxy S22, now it’s time for you to know the ones that come pre-installed in the new Xiaomi high-end.

That’s right, below we present the wallpapers of the Xiaomi 12 and we explain how can you download them in high resolution. In this way, you will be able to use them on your smartphone without losing the original quality of these wallpapers.

These are the Xiaomi 12 wallpapers for your mobile

If you liked the wallpapers of the Redmi K50, K50 Pro and K50 Gaming Edition, you will surely love the ones of the Xiaomi 12. It is about 8 amazing abstract design wallpapers and geometric that are colored with a subtle gradient.

In addition, they are available in different shades. Therefore, no matter what your favorite color is, you will surely find one ideal for you. Y downloading them is very easyyou just have to do the following:

  • Choose the wallpaper that you like the most from the gallery that we have left up here.
  • Now, you must press and hold the wallpaper and then press on “Open in a new tab”.
  • Finally, you have to press and hold the image again, but this time you will select the option “Download image”and ready.

These wallpapers have a resolution of 864 x 1920 pixelsso you have to make sure you have downloaded it with this quality so you can show it off on your mobile in high definition.

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Are these the only wallpapers that the Xiaomi 12 brings?

These Xiaomi 12 wallpapers are the ones that said flagship brings exclusively by default. Nevertheless, they are not the only ones that are available on mobile.

As you may already know, this luxury smartphone not only comes with Android 12, but also with the latest version of the Xiaomi customization layer. Therefore, if you want to try the other wallpapers that come with the Xiaomi 12, here we leave you the 34 MIUI 13 wallpapers.