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Download the Latest and Most Complete no-verity-opt-encrypt

Sigaptech.com – It might be confusing for those who are new to the world of no-verity-opt-encrypt hearing oprek, yes, it’s natural because I used to be like that too. Indeed, if the name is technically most people can’t explain it. Alright, I’ll try to explain what dm-verity is before going on to list all its versions.

What is DM-Verity?

You know, everyone nowadays wants to get super access to their mobile phones. them through ROOT. Meanwhile, mobile phone creators have improved their device security technology. Yes for now many android ROMs have become very secure and packaged mechanically with the latest current security.

Download the latest and most complete no-verity-opt-encrypt

Device Mapper Variety (Dm-verity) is one of the security mechanisms integrated into mobile devices by their manufacturers to minimize the high rate of persistent rootkits so that the device cannot be further compromised. Also, most of the latest Android devices, especially with the latest OS versions, don’t tend to run their boot process through the optional kernel dm-verity.

It’s unfortunate for advanced Android users to do some specific things on Android devices due to updates this security. Because of this, the Android device may not boot properly (the fancy term is bootloop) after flashing TWRP recover files. Dm-verity is a big challenge for every advanced Android user. However, it can still be solved.

Although I don’t focus on how to deal with Dm-verity in this article, I will only list the no variety-opt-encrypt downloads related to Dm-verity, so that you will get version suitable for installing Android firmware, rooting phone, or installing custom ROM on newer Android devices.

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What is no-verity-opt-encrypt

no-verity- opt-encrypt is a package for encrypting boot data of Android devices. When trying to root or flash a different ROM other than the official ROM, this file is required. No-verity-opt-encryption used by most of the major smartphone manufacturers like Samsung, Sony, LG, OnePlus, Xiaomi, and others to secure boot issues.

So if not installed no-verity-opt-encrypt a bootloop problem will occur later.

Supported Smartphone Models

  • Samsung
  • LG
  • OnePlus
  • Sony and some other devices

Knowing more about no-verity-opt-encryption

Before, if you want to flash TWRP on a smartphone protected with the dm-verity feature, you must first tweak it ROM default by disabling dm-verity in the kernel. For beginners or new Android users, this might be very scary, they will be afraid that the smartphone will be damaged. Well, this task is specifically for those who are experienced. But if you want to take the risk, I will share a download link that will allow you to disable dm-verity. You have to download the package from the link below and install it using TWRP.

Also, before we continue, there are a few things to note; like

  • See the model number of your smartphone.
  • Please make sure your battery percentage is above 50% (if possible, wait until the smartphone is fully charged)
  • Backup everything you currently have on your smartphone
  • This update is for the various supported models listed above
  • You must have TWRP installed.
  • This is a flash file, so you have to use TWRP to flash it.


Here is a link to download several versions of no-verity-opt-encrypt. Now, you can easily root, install firmware, custom ROM, etc. On your smartphone

  • No-verity-opt-encrypt-3.1
  • No-verity-opt-encrypt-3.2
  • No-verity-opt-encrypt-4.0
  • No-verity-opt-encrypt-4.1
  • No-verity-opt-encrypt-5.0
  • No-verity-opt-encrypt-5.1
  • No-verity-opt-encrypt-6.0
  • No-verity-opt-encrypt Latest< /li>

How to flash-no-verity-opt-encrypt Using TWRP

If you have already downloaded one of the versions above, follow the steps below to flash it on Android smartphones.

  1. Turn off your cellphone and enter Download mode, for samsung phones by press simultaneously the volume down + home + power buttons >.
  2. After entering download mode, there will be a warning, but don’t worry. Press volume up button to continue
  3. It will automatically enter TWRP. Tap on Wipe >>> Advance wipe >>> select cache data
  4. Go back to the TWRP menu and select Install
  5. Select the downloaded file
  6. After installation, reboot your smartphone
  7. Done

Side Effects

So far there have been no reports of any damage. So be safe. But still this can only be done by people who are used to oprek. This way you will bypass DM-verity on your new smartphone and root it to be able to carry out advanced actions that require root access.

What else?

This article is meant to help everyone in finding ways to solve this problem. a new encryption feature built into most of the latest smartphone models. This new encryption feature prevents many actions from being performed on the device on which they are installed. So, the only way to root a smartphone with DM-verity security features is to install no-verity-opt-encrypt.

This is one of the first things to do before trying to root on most new Android device. As you already know, rooting requires caution as it can cause irreparable damage to the phone. Therefore, if the device to be rooted has DM-verity feature, try to flash this file to the device first before trying to root.

Also, this applies to flashing firmware or custom ROMs. Any action to be performed on a smartphone with DM-verity protection must require the existence of this file to be passed. In this article, there are several versions of no-verity-opt-encrypt, therefore, choose whatever version you choose and download it, then flash it to your smartphone.

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