Download Mi Flash Tool All Version For Latest Xiaomi

Download Mi Flash Tool All Version for the Latest Xiaomi – Mi Flash Tool is a software for flashing stock firmware (or commonly called fastboot ROM) for all types of Xiaomi both old and latest releases. This tool is made specifically for Xiaomi devices only so Android smartphones made by other brands will not be able to use it.
As we know that flashing the MIUI ROM using the fastboot method is the best solution to overcome brick or bootloop on a Xiaomi smartphone. By flashing the MIUI ROM, it is certain that all the problems experienced by the user will be easily resolved (although as a consequence all data in the internal memory will be lost).
In addition to being useful for repairing bootloop on Xiaomi smartphones, the purpose of flashing the MIUI ROM via fastboot can also be to update the MIUI ROM to the latest version. Users can choose a variety of global ROMs or Chinese ROMs of stable or developer type. After downloading the desired fastboot ROM, just open the Mi Flash Tool and then install the ROM according to the recommended procedure.

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Download Mi Flash Tool All Version For Latest Xiaomi

Features in Xiaomi Mi Flash Tool

Mi Flash Tool is available as an installer. So, to use this special flasher tool for Xiaomi smartphones, users just need to open the Mi Flash Tool installer file that has been downloaded and then follow the instructions that come out to install.

Inbuilt Driver
Mi Flash Tool made by Xiaomi is equipped with a USB driver that can be used for all Xiaomi phones, both Mi and Redmi series. Mi Flash Tool is also equipped with several other drivers such as ADB drivers, Microsoft MTP drivers, RNDIS drivers, and also Qualcomm USB drivers. That way you no longer need to install the drivers mentioned above separately.
Multiple Flashing Options
There are three flashing options that you can choose as needed, including Flash All, Flash All Except Storage, the other is Flash All Except Data And Storage. By default, Mi Flash Tool uses the Flash All Except Storage option as a fastboot ROM flashing method on Xiaomi smartphones. So which option do you choose?
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Things to note before downloading and installing Mi Flash Tool

  • You need to remember that Mi Flash Tool can only be used on smartphones with Qualcomm processors. For Mediatek there is a special flash tool that can be used for flashing ROMs
  • Make sure your Xiaomi smartphone has been unlocked before flashing the bootloader using this tool. For a tutorial on unlocking the bootloader, read the Latest How to Easily Unlock All Xiaomi Bootloaders
  • Make sure you uninstall the old version of Mi Flash Tool first if you want to update this tool to a higher version
  • Reportedly Mi Flash Tool 2017 version already supports 32-bit Windows. For older versions, you will most likely have to use Windows 64 bit if you don’t want to encounter problems / errors

Download the latest Mi Flash Tool All Version for Xiaomi smartphones

Here is a link to download Mi Flash Tool all versions from the first release of Mi Flash Tool to the newest. All Mi Flash Tools below are uploaded on Google Drive. If there is a dead link, you can inform it in the comments column below later.
Mi Flash Tool 20140509 Download
Mi Flash Tool 20150601 Download
Mi Flash Tool 20150731 Download
Mi Flash Tool 20151028 Download
Mi Flash Tool 20160401 Download
Mi Flash Tool 20160830 Download
Mi Flash Tool 20161222 Download
Mi Flash Tool 20170425 Download
Mi Flash Tool 20180528 Portable Download
Mi Flash Tool 20181115 Download
Mi Flash Tool 20191030 Download
Mi Flash Tool 20191111 Download
Mi Flash Tool 20191206 Download
Mi Flash Tool 20203140 Download
Those are several versions of Mi Flash Tool for flashing Xiaomi fastboot ROMs that you can download for free and safely. Newer versions of Mi Flash Tool will be updated on this page as well. So you don’t need to be confused anymore to find where to download the latest Mi Flash Tool.
Fill in the comment field below if something is unclear or there is something you want to ask. Don’t hesitate to request a tutorial about any Android if you need it. Finally, share this article from the menu that has been provided if you think it is useful for others. Thank you.
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