Download Google Camera 8.0 (GCam) Apk For All Android 10


Google Camera 8.0 (GCam) Apk For All Android 10 – Gcam 8.0 is finally available for all Androids. Here’s how to get it!

Google Camera 8.0 Apk for All Android

Recently, Google released two new smartphones – Google Pixel 5 and Google Pixel 4a 5G. Both smartphones support 5G networks and have Snapdragon 765G processors. Both smartphones are running the latest Android 11, and for photography, they have the new Google Camera 8.0.

Google Camera 8.0 is the latest version of the Google camera app. This Gcam 8.0 brings an interesting set of features and improvements. Just like other versions of Google Camera, Google Camera 8.0 Apk has been ported for other Android devices. Yes! GCam 8.0 Apk is ready for all Android smartphones. Below, we have listed some of the main features of GCam 8.0.

  • Added Quick-Toggle to Change Video Resolution
  • The Apk has a new settings UI.
  • GCam 8.0 now supports 24FPS video recording.
  • Night Mode in Portrait Mode
  • Portrait Light
  • New Editor in Google Photos
  • Cinematic Pan for Video.
  • Every other feature of the older GCam.

Requirements to run Google Camera 8.0 Apk

Your phone must have Camer2API support to run GCam 8.0. You can use Camera2 API Probe Android app to check if your phone has Camer2API support or not. If it supports, then it will show ‘Limited’ , ‘Full’ or ‘Level_3’. Or you can also enable Camera2 API.

Another thing is that your device must be running on Android 10 operating system. GCam 8.0 will not run on Android 9.0 or lower than Android 10.

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Download & Install GCam 8.0 On Android 10

Well, this GCam 8.0 Apk file is still in beta stage. So, you will find some bugs and glitches while using this Gcam 8.0 application. Follow some simple steps below to Download & install GCam 8.0 on Android.

  • First of all, download the Apk file from this link. Make sure to download the Google Camera Apk file. The file will be named MGC.apk
  • Once done, If you haven’t Enabled Unknown Sources on your device. You have to activate it.
  • When finished, select the Gcam 8.0 application and install it.
  • You will now find the Google Camera icon on your phone screen.
  • Click the icon and enjoy GCam 8.0.
Note: If your phone is running an older version of Android, you can download the old version of GCam like GCam 7.31 GCam 7.2, etc. You can download it at CelsoAzevedo for more information.


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