“don’t trust everything you read”


The founder of Telegram warns us that they cannot verify all the information published on their channels about the conflict between Russia and Ukraine.

Telegram is the second most popular instant messaging application in the world, after WhatsApp, with more than 500 million active users per month and one of its most outstanding features are its broadcast channels, which in these times they can end up sharing information that is not totally reliable.

In this sense and in the middle of armed conflict between Russia and UkrainePavel Durov himself, founder of Telegram, has issued a harsh warning on his official channel: “don’t trust everything you read”.


The Telegram application on an Android mobile

The CEO of Telegram advises us not to trust what we read on the channels of his platform

The founder of Telegram has shared a series of messages on his official channel in which he states that Telegram channels are becoming an “unverified” source of information regarding the conflict taking place on Ukrainian soilas your messaging platform cannot check the veracity of the publications of all its channels.

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For this reason, in these messages, Pavel Durov asks the users of his platform to “distrust any data that is disseminated on Telegram at the moment” and states that he does not want Telegram to become a tool for “exacerbate conflicts and incite inter-ethnic discord”.

In fact, the CEO of Telegram even stated, on February 27, that they were considering the possibility of “Partially or totally restrict the operation of Telegram channels in the countries involved for the duration of the conflict”but recently reversed this possible measure, explaining that numerous users have asked them not to close the Telegram channels while the conflict lasts, because these are your only source of information.

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