Do you want to free up space on your mobile? Google Files shows you which apps to uninstall


The new Google Files filters will allow you to find, more quickly and easily, which apps to uninstall from your smartphone.

In the Google Play Store you can find a wide variety of very complete and functional file managers, but, without a doubt, one of the most has evolved the most in recent times is Google Files.

Precisely, on this occasion, we are here to talk about one of the latest innovations that the American giant has included in its file manager, which will make it easier for you to free up space on your terminal by showing you which apps to uninstall.

Google Files

Google Files helps you find which applications to uninstall thanks to its new filter function

With Google Files filters it will be much easier to find which applications to uninstall

Google Files already allowed you to uninstall applications that you don’t use, but now it has just included new filters in its Android application that will make it easier for you to search for said apps, since we can filter them based on three main parameters: Large Apps, Unused Apps and Games.

Files by Google now helps you save more space thanks to “Smart Storage”

For enable these filters in Google Files you just have to carry out the following steps:

  • Open the Google Files app
  • Click on the tab To explore
  • Click on the option Calculate storage which is highlighted in color just below the section Applications
  • In the pop-up window that appears below, click on the option Continue
  • Flip the switch Allow access to use

Once this is done, Files by Google will be able to calculate the size occupied by applications and when was the last time we used a specific app in order to apply these new filters.

Once the filters are activated, you can start using them by accessing the section Applications which is inside the tab To explorewhich will now be divided into three tabs: Installed Apps, System Apps, and App Installation Files (APK) and entering the first one, Installed Applications.

Do you want to free up space on your mobile?  Google Files shows you which apps to uninstall

When you do this you will see that, at the top, just below the name of the tab, appear three sections: Large Apps, Unused Apps, and Games. By pressing the first one you will be able to see the applications that occupy more than 512 MBby second clicking the apps that you haven’t used for more than a month and when you press the last one you will see just the games.

In the list of applications that appears when applying any of these filters, which can be combined to easily find the large applications or games that we have not used for more than a month or the games that take up more space in the memory of our terminal, you can see that large apps appear with an MB+ icon, less-used apps with an alarm clock icon, and games with a gamepad icon, in such a way that the applications that meet several of the parameters of these filters will appear labeled with several icons. Thus, for example, if we have installed a game that occupies more than 512 MB, it will appear labeled with MB+ icons and game controller.

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Do you want to free up space on your mobile?  Google Files shows you which apps to uninstall

In addition, regardless of the filter or filters that we apply, we will also be able to order all the results by date (oldest or newest first), by size (largest or smallest first) and by name (A to Z or Z to A).

Do you want to free up space on your mobile?  Google Files shows you which apps to uninstall

To order the results of the filters we simply have to click on the menu button located at the top right of the app, enter the section Sort by and select the option that most interests us.

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