Do you always miss the stop? This practical app notifies you when you are close to your destination


If you are one of those who get confused when they go by public transport and always get off one (or more) stops after yours, this app is perfect for you.

Public transport can become a double-edged sword for those who are always absent-minded or who do not have a good sense of direction. If you are one of them, you will know what I am talking about, because it is probable that you have passed your destination stop more than once, whether on the subway, on the bus or on the train. Fortunately, there are the mobiles to help you.

In addition to showing you how many people are on the bus or subway with Google Maps, your smartphone can notify you when you are close to the stop you want to reach. In this way, you will be attentive and you will be able to get off just in time. You just need to install a handy free appwe tell you all about it.

A free app that alerts you when you are close to your destination

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This app is perfect for you if you are one of those who always miss the stop.

A very interesting application has recently arrived on the Google Play Store for those who always miss a stop when they go on public transport. Is named NeverMiss and it’s possible download for free. It should be noted that it is in early access phase, so it is somewhat unstable and can lead to some failures. Progressively, its developers continue to improve it so that it will work normally soon.

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The operation of this application is very simple: you enter the stop name of destination and distance at which you want me to notify you. For example, you can set it to notify you when you are within 500 meters. Of course, when you first open the app, you must grant it the necessary permissions to access the location of the terminal.

Once inside the application, and with the permissions granted, you will access the main page, with a large map that shows you your location. Next, enter your destination in the text field under the heading “Select your destination on map”. You can search for it on the map itself or enter the name manually. This step is very important, because you must make sure that the destination is correctly written.

Sliding down, we find the rest of the process configuration options. In the first place is “Radius”for choose endpoint distance to which you want me to notify you. The app itself specifies that, if you travel at high speeds, it is best to set a wide radius. For example, 1 or 2 kilometers.

Do you always miss the stop?  This practical app notifies you when you are close to your destination

Finally, all that remains is to choose how you want the app to notify you: with a vibrationplaying a soundor with a notification and notice on screen. Then you just have to tap on the button “Start Now” for the application to start. If it is a route that you do often, it is best to save it by touching “save”.

Once the process starts, you can see at all times in the app how far apart you are of the destination point you entered. As you can see from the images above, NeverMiss is in English, but easily understood its operation thanks to a clear interface.

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Although it doesn’t specifically notify you when you’re at the previous stop, this application is very useful if you’re one of those people who tends to get lost and end up somewhere else. In addition, you can also use it if you go to a new destination and you don’t know the area In which it is found. NeverMiss will be there to warn you that you are about to arrive, it’s time to get off.

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