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Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – The WhatsApp application that is installed on people’s gadgets today is actually quite unsafe and can be easily tapped by criminals.

However, all of this can be prevented with additional efforts in protecting WhatsApp accounts. One way is to not provide a code one-time password (OTP) to anyone without exception.

For information, the OTP code contains six digits which is sent via SMS to the user’s mobile number.

The OTP is the entrance to access WhatsApp. If the code doesn’t fall into the wrong hands, the account could be taken over.

Some time ago, Cyber ​​Police also reminded users that they must activate the two-stage authentication feature on their social media accounts. The police stated that this would make it difficult for criminals to access accounts because they did not know the PIN used.

Here’s how to activate two-step verification:

1. Enter the WhatsApp application

2. Click the three dots icon in the top right corner

3. Press the Settings menu

4. Go to the Account Settings menu

5. Click Two-step Verification

6. There will be a request to activate the feature with a PIN. Press enable.

7. Create a PIN by entering six digits as desired.

8. WhatsApp will ask to enter the email address associated with the account. This is used when you want to change your PIN.

Users can also recognize when a WhatsApp account is hijacked. The following are the signs revealed by the Cyber ​​Police:

Exit yourself from the app

The first sign is the account suddenly exits itself from the application in use. WhatsApp will send an OTP code to access from other devices. If there is a code that enters the cellphone number and is followed by the outgoing account itself, it’s possible that the cellphone number has been cloned.

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Auto read messages

Next is a message that has been read, but has never been read before.

However, there is another possibility as well because WhatsApp has a two blue tick symbol that marks the message as read and that feature can also be turned off. That way it can’t be seen whether the message has been read or not.

Sending unsent messages

Just as messages are mysteriously read, the next sign that your account may have been hijacked is that a message was sent that was never sent before.

Seen on line but it is not

This is also the next sign if the user is not opening WhatsApp. The online sign at the top of the screen will be visible if someone opens the app and otherwise it will turn off when not activating the app.

Unknown device login

This method can be found on the e version of WhatsAppeb. If you see an unknown device accessing your account, we recommend that you remove the device from the access list immediately.

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