Diablo Immortal Released for Android and iOS, When?



After a year delay, Blizzard finally confirmed the fate of the new series of Diablo games, namely Diablo Immortal.

Diablo Immortal is confirmed to be available on Android, iOS, and PC on June 2. Although at first Blizzard said this game would only be available for mobile platforms, they confirmed Diablo Immortal would start its open beta period on Android, iOS, and PC simultaneously.

The decision to bring Diablo Immortal to PC, according to Blizzard, was based on responses from the community who had played the game on PC during the beta period, who wanted to play the game on PC.

However, the developer has made sure that Diablo Immortal remains focused on being a mobile game, so the difference between the PC and mobile versions will only be seen in the UI and control functions.

So although both versions will support the use of a controller, the PC version will later be allowed to use the WASD keys to move around in the game, including using the mouse.

But more importantly, Diablo Immortal will support crossplay and cross progression. So players can continue their game on mobile to PC, or vice versa. The trick is to login using the same Battle.net account.

Blizzard promises Diablo Immortal will be the biggest Diablo game ever released, with a variety of interesting features. They also boast that this game has been developed for the mobile platform from the start.

However, not all countries will get this game since June 2. Countries such as Hong Kong, Indonesia, Macau, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan, and Thailand will only get this game after, but still in June.

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