Developer Genshin miHoYo Changes Name to HoyoVerse, More Than Just Rebranding


MiHoYo game development company Genshin Impact recently changed its name to HoYoverse. This suddenly made many fans curious and wondering.

The successful contemporary development studio miHoYo has surprised many of its fans this week by announcing that it is rebranding itself as HoYoverse. The well-known role-playing game studio Genshin Impact stated that the name change was a by-product of wanting to expand its business into more than just games. Yup, this step seems to follow the colossal rebranding trend that is also starting to happen. The addition of “verse” seems to be closely related to the metaverse. Just following the trend or is there something else?

It comes at a time when many game studios are trying to expand their market presence to multiple levels. Even so, some fans will be wondering how this change will impact the studio and the current and future games. The players are also waiting to see if this change will affect even the Amelia they play.

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MiHoYo is a company that continues to grow and is relatively young compared to gaming giants like Konami, EA, Ubisoft, Blizzards or Valve. Founded in February 12, 2012 by three students at Shanghai Jiao Tong University China, miHoYo managed to skyrocket with the game Genshin Impact. Headquartered in Shanghai, the company now employs more than 4000 people in 6 locations, and has continued to expand rapidly over the past decade.

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Genshin Impact is actually the sixth game developed by miHoYo. Genshin has brought miHoYo to the global stage. The free-to-play aspect of Genshin Impact has made it extremely popular since its release in 2020.

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True to the popularity of the game, Genshin Impact is widely regarded as one of the best role-playing games in the world today. Genshin Impact also won the Best Mobile Game award at The Gaming Awards for 2021.

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In addition to the knowledge-rich and addictive gameplay, Genshin Impact has become so popular on PC and consoles that it is necessary to launch a mobile version for mobile as well.

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Reason for Change of Name to HoYoverse

The change in branding from miHoYo to HoYoverse is an indication of ambition and continued success. As mentioned earlier, the main reason for this name change is for miHoYo to move beyond the boundaries of game development and explore a wider portfolio of different technologies and business areas.

Apart from developing virtual digital products, miHoYo also plans to invest in development in other industries. They recently announced investing in nuclear fusion energy, pledging $65 million to Chinese companies in the name of cleaner and more sustainable energy. This is a glimpse of what to expect from HoYoverse as a broader platform, one that focuses much more on breakthrough technologies outside of gaming as well as within gaming, such as virtual reality.

While it’s safe to assume that the gaming side of miHoYo will remain the company’s main focus as it proves to be profitable and successful, it’s clear that the gaming company is ready to make serious changes and expansions into other areas.

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