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Developer Genshin Impact HoYoverse Reveals New Game Zenless Zone Zero!


Good news for you lovers of animation-type games. HoYoverse, reveal the latest games Zenless Zone Zero. After leaking the image and website, HoYoverse released a video trailer for this urban-style RPG.

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HoYoverse or previously named miHoYo is a game developer in China who has successfully produced and released Genshin Impact, the most popular online RPG in recent years. Expanding its reach after the success of Genshin Impact, HoYoverse will invite gamers to adventure in the game Zenless Zone Zero.

This is a new IP from HoYoverse, not connected to the Genshin Impact franchise which was released since 2020. Zenless Zone Zero teased gamers with an interactive teaser on a website that fans can interact with that promises more news the following week.

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Zenless Zone Zero is set in the aftermath of the Earth’s destruction, along with news reports detailing this event known as the “sub-hollow” complete with a purple dome that engulfs the city. unlike Genshin Impact, this game will take place in a modern urban landscape or urban life style.

The trailer shows the characters wearing a variety of fashionable streetwear, combined with cybernetic weapons and accessories. Realistic anime-style human characters are seen wielding swords, weapons, and hammers and even pet bears who take on threats that attack the city.

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Zenless Zone Zero is probably a game that mixes a hack-and-slash RPG with a third-person-shooter, with each character having their own unique playing style. ZZZ’s official website mentions that players will live a kind of “double life”, with one identity on the streets and the other as a “proxy” against enemies.

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Players will team up with each other in squads, conquering multilevel challenges such as a maze. In addition, players will “uncover conspiracies” as the game progresses with the factions they have teamed up with.

Players who want to try or see what this new RPG looks like can register for a “tuning test” to take part in the close beta test on the official Zenless Zone Zero website. The number of test participants seems to be very limited considering this game is still being developed.

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This Beta Phase will only be available for PC and iOS, with other platforms to be expanded later. More details about this game and beta test can be found on the official website.

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