Detailed Vivo T1 5G battery review: How long does it last?


Vivo T1 5G battery review How long to use, is it good and durable? Then with the following article, all information about Vivo T1 5G battery will be presented in more detail for you to choose a good product for you!

Detailed Vivo T1 5G battery review

Vivo T1 5G is equipped with a battery capacity of up to 5mAh along with fast charging technology up to 5000W, although the fast charging capacity seems to be slightly slower than previous information competitors.

Detailed Vivo T1 5G battery review

Vivo T1 5G will come with you when you buy this product including an 18W charger in the box along with 1 headset.

Should I buy Vivo T1 5G to use?

To be able to answer the above question accurately and in detail for this Vivo T1 5G product line, let’s go through other outstanding reviews about Vivi T1!


Vivo T1 5G has a new language design along with flat edges around the phone. This makes it easy to hold and the rounded corners are easy to hold and carry. Vivo has manufactured and designed the T1 5G to be so thin that it only measures 8.25 mm and weighs 187g.


The phone has a large screen design with a dewdrop pattern, although it is a bit outdated compared to other phones on the market with a punch-hole display. Vivo T1 5G is equipped with thin glass on the sides of the phone and the chin will be thicker.

Vivo T1 5G is used as a high-quality plastic frame along with connectivity ports, power and volume buttons. Vivo T1 5G will integrate a fingerprint reader into the power button system to be able to unlock the phone more easily. The left edge is exposed, the top contains the SIM tray and the secondary microphone. At the bottom, there’s a 3.5mm headphone jack and a USB Type-C port along with the main speaker and microphone.


Vivo T1 5G screen is equipped with LCD screen technology up to 6.58 inches along with a maximum refresh rate of 120Hz and protected by panda glass.


You can also feel the maximum touch speed of up to 240Hz when you leave the phone in game mode. As far as is known, this panel is equipped with a smart switch, which automatically switches the refresh rate from 60Hz, 90Hz, 120Hz

Operational performance

Vivo T1 5G phone is powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 695 SoC technology. Vivo also says that it has also added an evaporative cooling chamber so that it can keep the SOC technology from heating up during overload. For the ability to store more along with it is to help you play games more comfortable.

Operational performance

When will Vivo T1 5G launch? How much does it cost?

Recently, Vivo also gave accurate information about the launch date of this Vivo T1 5G phone model in the Indian market on February 9. Along with that will be the price for the 1299 MYR version, which is about VND 6.9 million.

Where to buy this Vivo T1 5G with good warranty and reputation?

To be able to buy the Vivo T1 5G phone at a very standard price and to be assured of good quality, go to the CellphoneS store.

Here, you will be guaranteed to buy at the standard price along with a warranty of up to 12 months and exchange 1 for 1 if your machine is damaged due to a manufacturing defect. You also get a lovely headset.

Through the article on Vivo T1 5G battery review above, I hope to bring you a lot of useful information about this phone product line!

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