Could not communicate with your Google Home: Solution 2022


Could not establish communication with your Google Home solution

Having trouble connecting your Google Smart Speaker to your home WiFi network? don’t despair, this is usually a problem that many people experience when connecting a Google Home or Nest Mini to the Internet.

Even though hundreds of solutions related to the problems that Google smart speakers can presentHere we will go straight to the point.

In summary, We will explain how to solve the following problem: “Could not communicate with your Google Home.” This error usually says “Present” when wifi password is changedor trying to connect the Google smart speaker to another wireless network.

How to solve the error “Could not communicate with your Google Home”?

Factory reset Google Nest Mini

From now on, We recommend that you do not change your Google accountuninstall the Google Home app or perform another type of action, because the solution is to factory reset your Google Nest or Google Home.

As there are different versions of the Google smart speaker, we cannot explain them in a general way. how to factory resetso you will have to enter the Google support website.

From there you can discover how to reset your smart speaker, as Google has several tutorials that explain how to do it simply and quickly.

When you have factory reset your Google Home, you will have to open the Home application on your Android mobile and configure it from scratch. Keep in mind that you will not lose any data by resetting your smart speaker, since all the information is saved in the cloud.

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Do you have other problems related to your Google Home?

Solutions problems Google Home

If you are experiencing another type of problem when using your smart speaker, don’t despair! On our website we have a very complete guide in which we explain how to solve problems with Google Home, do not miss it!

Last but not least, We advise you to have the latest version of the Google Home app on your phone. You can update it manually by following these steps.