Considered PUBG Plagiarism, Krafton Sues Garena for Free Fire and Free Fire Max Games


The story of the red thread plagiarism with mobile games has become a controversy that is no longer surprising. Even though the stigma seems to be very ingrained, until this moment there is still no definitive conclusion to be found. Especially when living in an era that highly values ​​practicality, prosperity, and an opportunistic attitude in developing something.

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Surely we all know enough about this. Starting from similar disputes that have involved Mobile Legends, Genshin Impact, to a number of FPS games and Battle Royale games that can also be promoted to the smartphone platform. From the names that you probably all know, the names of popular games like Free Fire officially colored a controversy in early 2022, along with the main “opponent” they were facing, namely PUBG.

Pubg vs Free Fire
Considered PUBG Plagiarism, Krafton Sues Garena for Free Fire and Free Fire Max 5 Games

This Battle Royale game recently celebrated a format change as a completely Free to Play game on PC and console platforms before launching rebranding the name became PUBG: Battlegrounds. On last Monday, Krafton as the developer who directs the PUBG franchise, has filed a lawsuit for the Free Fire game and its version upgradeit, namely Free Fire Max. A file report has been officially submitted to the court of law in California.

Screen Shot 2022 01 13 At 5.37.39 Pm
Details of the forms of plagiarism in Free Fire according to Krafton’s claims

Where in the file it is revealed that the two mobile games were released Garena is deemed to have copied all copyrights owned by Krafton for the PUBG game. Examples like in-game items, equipmentup to location folder-his which is considered sufficient to be imitated raw and intentionally.

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Google, Apple, and Youtube are also sued?

Claim Documents
Front page attachment of the Claims document

Interestingly, the prosecution was not only aimed at Garena. Krafton himself also sued the party Google and Apple accused of playing a role in distributing the Free Fire and Free Fire Max games through the App Store and Google Play platforms.

Even the largest video-sharing site in the class of Youtube was not spared the demands, simply for allowing Garena to upload tons of gameplay videos and promotions for the Free Fire game, as well as broadcasting films from China with the theme live. Esports and Battle Royale title Biubiubiu.

Where is this film, reportedly considered a lot of dramatizing live action unique elements of the PUBG game itself.

From there, it was also known that Krafton had officially contacted and asked Garena to stop their exploitation of the Free Fire game. However, the request was rejected because the reasons were deemed completely baseless according to Garena’s spokesperson, Jason Golz (reported from The Verge). Likewise with Apple, Google, and Youtube, which until now have not provided any response.

Meanwhile, the court in central California is still in the stage of reviewing and processing the lawsuit file that has been submitted by Krafton.

Source: Claim document

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