Celebrate 6th Anniversary, Clash Royale Presents Crown Down Royale Event


Commemorating six years of release games Clash Royale, Supercell brings events great for the players. Precisely on Wednesday (2/3), marking the sixth year of its release games Clash Royale esports. As a celebration of that happy moment, developer the game brings events largest community ever.

Events The event is titled The Royale Crown Down which will be held from 12 to 24 March 2022. In fact, Supercell said that if events this so events largest community ever.

During its six years of existence, Clash Royale has managed to become one of the games successful. Games with the Strategy theme, it has even entered the Esports competition category in various well-known events. Besides, there are already many events and prizes distributed by Supercell since 2016. One of them is by providing a Creator code that helps Clash Royale content creators to earn income.

But until now, Supercell has not revealed many details about events the. Further information will be disclosed along with enlistment on March 8. Supercell has also launched an official website for the event.

Later, players will have to join one of 12 teams led by different Content Creators who will be announced on March 8. Players must complete challenges to make their team a winner. Supercell even promised a unique prize for the winners of this challenge. But the developer is still keeping the prize secret.

Events It offers activities for all players. Royale Crown Down will also present three challenges in games, where players can earn points, achievements and other rewards. Before The Royale Crown Down begins, a new season will launch in Clash Royale. Season The new Clash Royale is titled Birthday Royale and will start on March 7, 2022.

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Interestingly, on season recently, the battle arena will be designed like a Birthday Cake with pink color. Players can also unlock the new Pinata Tower skin at level 10 of the Royale Pass. Meanwhile, five new emotes are also coming in season front.