Can’t upload 10 minute videos to TikTok: Solution (2022)


I can't upload 10 minute videos to TikTok solution

Since TikTok announced that it was going to increase the limit of its videos to 10 minutes, many users began to ask themselves the following question: When will I be able to upload long videos to my account?

The answer to this question was climbing with the passage of time, because some users had this option enabledwhile others are still waiting for the platform to allow them to upload videos longer than 3 minutes.

Supposedly, and as reported by TikTok on its website, this feature should already be enabled for all users worldwide. The reality is very different, as there are still people who cannot upload 10-minute videos to the social network.

I can’t upload 10 minute videos to TikTok, is there a solution?

Upload 10 minute videos to TikTok

Yes, there is a solution (several) that will allow you to enjoy this feature without having to wait for it to be enabled in your account.

To put an order to the topic, then We are going to detail the different solutions that you must carry out to “Activate” this feature in your TikTok account.

Update the app to the latest version

Update TikTok app manually

Like other social networks, when a new feature is launched, the users who use it You must have the application updated to be able to access it..

If you don’t update the TikTok app for a long time, you might not be able to upload 10-minute videos. It is for this reason that we recommend that you manually update the app from the Google Play Store or App Store.

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Clear the cache of the app on your mobile

TikTok cache Android

Have you never deleted the cache that TikTok stored on your mobile? This could be causing the TikTok app to become unresponsive, or not show you the latest features that have been added.

Clearing the cache that the app saves in the internal storage of your phone, could you fix this error that prevents you from uploading 10-minute videos to your account.

Don’t waste any more time! Download TikTok Beta

TikTok beta latest version for Android

If none of the solutions that we offer you above have worked for you, do not despair, there is one more that can save you headaches.

In a nutshell, you will need to download TikTok Beta on your Android mobile. This version of the app will allow you to access all the new features that have not yet been activated in the normal version of the social network.