Blizzard Introduces Warcraft Arclight Rumble, Will Release on Android and iOS

11, Jakarta – Blizzard officially announces the mobile game or mobile them, who are part of the popular Warcraft franchise namely Warcraft Arclight Rumble.

Blizzard seems to be carrying a lighter concept for Arclight Rumble mobile gameby presenting Warcraft characters in a more cute appearance.

In addition, in Warcraft Arclight RumbleBlizzard also brings elements tower defense in the game that will be available for free or free-to-play for Android and iOS.

quote the Verge, Friday (6/5/2022), in this game players will choose one of five types of leaders or Leaders from the world of Warcraft, to lead troops or “mini” in battle.

On its official website, Blizzard revealed that some of these Leaders were the clan leader of Warsong Grommash Hellscream, and Archmage Jaina Proudmoore.

Players can play in PvE mode (Players Versus Environment) and PvP (Player Versus Player), got gold to create stronger armies to complete tasks like defeating invading bosses.

“Each single-player mission presents its own distinct strategic puzzle to solve, and players must agilely adapt their tactics accordingly.” real-time to tackle this tense challenge,” Blizzard wrote.

Warcraft Arclight Rumble itself has opened a pre-registration period for the beta version on its official website. Android users can also register via the Google Play Store.

Meanwhile, for iOS users, still have to wait for more information for the beta version of the game to be available on the App Store. Blizzard has also not announced an official launch date.

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