Blizzard Confirms the Presence of Warcraft Game on Mobile


For gamers in the era of the ball mouse, of course, they still remember this one legendary game. Yes, Warcraft provides the best RTS experience of its era, and also provides lore strong characters so the story given is quite exciting to follow.

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Well this time, an interesting announcement appeared from developer from Warcraft itself to the fans fans from franchise warcraft. Although the author himself believes the fans hardcore from Warcraft and Blizzard are not necessarily happy to read this announcement.

John Hight as developer Warcraft through Blizzard News stated that there would be a new game project thatsettings in universe where is warcraft platform the one to aim for is mobile.

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Blizzard Confirms the Presence of Warcraft Game on Mobile 3

Mentioned above, John Hight will provide more information in the month of May. In addition to the announcement that was quite interesting, John also made several other announcements such as expansion latest for the games World Of Warcraft and Hearthstone.

Actually this is not the first time Blizzard has included franchise size in mobile because previously, Diablo has also been announced there will be a version mobile-with the title Diablo Immortal. Although developer-it will not openly create a new Warcraft series for mobilebut still settings selected is universe Warcraft itself.

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