BlackBerry Launches Qwerty Keyboard Phone with 5G Connectivity and Physical Keyboard


BlackBerry is rumored to be bringing nostalgia for qwerty keyboard phones in 2021, but with support for 5G connectivity.

Blackberry 2021

The lagging BlackBerry 5G is scheduled to be launched for the first time in North America and Europe, and then to the Asian market.

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The announcement of BlackBerry’s return was first heard in August last year. However, it seems that the project is being accelerated so that it can be released as soon as possible.

Onward Mobility CEO Peter Franklin thinks physical keyboards will provide a huge boost to productivity, and his long-term goals.

Like other classic BlackBerry phones, it will offer protection against data leaks and cyber threats, of course with BlackBerry’s reputation in the security sector.

Not only that, Franklin also hopes to find a lot of new users for BlackBerry phones that will be released this year, especially among companies that pay attention to the safety factor.

But until now there is no clear information about the launch date of the phone.

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