Blackberry Coming Back in 2021


BlackBerry Phones Come Back Next Year with a QWERTY Keypad and 5G support.


Earlier this year Blackberry and TCL are no longer working together, the two companies will not launch a new smartphone from the Blackberry brand .

But now BlackBerry is back with a new smartphone according to the latest news, Blackberry has entered into a licensing agreement with OnWardMobility, a US brand website. The website is indicated to present a new BlackBerry 5G smartphone. in 2021 to come. 5G smartphones will come still with a QWERTY keypad.
On the OnWardMobility website it says that a new smartphone will be coming next year. So, the news is confirmed, but the device name or launch date has not been revealed. According to OnwardMobility, the BlackBerry smartphone that coming will run on Android OS.
OnnwardMobility CEO, Peter Franklin, says,
BlackBerry smartphones are known for protecting communications, privacy and data. This is a tremendous opportunity for OnwardMobility to bring the next generation of 5G devices to market with BlackBerry and FIH Mobile support.

BlackBerry’s CEO and Chief Executive, John Chen, said,

BlackBerry is thrilled that OnwardMobility will bring a BlackBerry 5G smartphone device with a physical keyboard, leveraging the high standards of trust and security that are synonymous with our brand. We are excited that customers will experience enterprise-grade security and government and mobile productivity offered by the new BlackBerry 5G smartphones. â€

Until now, no detailed information has been revealed regarding the specifications or the price of the new BlackBerry device. The only thing BangSep knows is that a new Blackberry device will come in 2021. The price of the device could be mid-range .

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