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black shark 5 features specifications 2022

If what interests you most about a mobile is that it has powerful hardware, you no longer need to look for a high-end. Gaming mobiles more than meet your needs and for a price that is often even less than half of what you would have to invest in a high-end next-generation mobile.

And if we talk about mobile gaming, one of the best options are the models presented by Black Shark. Year after year, this brand surprises us with true beasts and this year has been no exception. Do you want to know all the news about the Blak Shark 5?

Features and specifications of the Black Shark 5, 5 RS and 5 Pro


BlackShark 5

Black Shark 5RS

BlackShark 5 Pro

Dimensions and weight 163.83 x 76.25 x 10mm. 218 grams. 163.69 x 76.21 x 9.9mm. 220 grams. 163.86 x 76.53 x 9.5mm. 220 grams.
Screen 6.67″ FullHD+ (1080 x 2400 pixels) with AMOLED panel and 144 Hz refresh rate.
Processor Processor Snapdragon 870 with Adreno 650 graphics. Processor Snapdragon 888 and 888+ with Adreno 660 graphics. Processor Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 with 730 graphics.
RAM 8 and 12 GB. 8 and 16GB.
Storage 128 and 256GB. 256GB. 256 and 512GB.
Rear camera main sensor 64MP.
13 MP wide angle.
2 MP macro sensor.
main sensor 64MP.
8 MP wide angle.
2 MP macro sensor.
main sensor 108MP.
13 MP wide angle.
5 MP macro sensor.
Frontal camera 16MP. 20MP. 16MP.
connectivity dual band Wi-Fi 6, Dual SIM 4G/5GBluetooth 5.2, NFC, GPS and USB-C.
Battery 4650mAh with 120W fast charge. 4500mAh with 120W fast charge. 4650mAh with 120W fast charge.
OS Android 12 based on JoyUI 13.
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This year Black Shark is renewed not with one or two but with three models. The Black Shark 5, 5 RS and 5 Pro have more similarities than differences And what you can be sure of is that, regardless of the model you choose, you will have power to spare.

The Black Shark 5, 5 RS and 5 Pro take advantage of the best of Qualcomm to deliver a seamless experience. We have already seen the performance of the Snapdragon 870 in models as popular as the Poco F3, so the experience in the Black Shark 5 will be the same or even better.

Moving on to the Black Shark 5 RS and 5 Pro, we can choose from Qualcomm’s latest high-end chips, a detail that many gamers will appreciate. And of course, the RAM and storage capacity are in tune with these processors.

The Black Shark 5 polish several details

If mobile gamers stand out in power, they also falter in several sections. Among them the combination of cameras and the design. Most are very thick, heavy and with fairly mediocre cameras.

Black Shark has improved in both cases with this renewal of its mobiles. Starting with the design, As soon as you see them you will know that they are mobile gamerswith a bold, colorful style and despite this quite comfortable in hand, very successful.

And when we talk about cameras, although you will not find anything revolutionary, yes you will have more than enough sensors to take very good quality photos. Of course, the best of these sections has been reserved for the Black Shark 5 Pro.

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Price and availability of the Black Shark 5, 5 RS and 5 Pro

black shark 5 price available

Unfortunately, the Black Shark is only available in China for now. We hope that in the course of the year they will reach other parts of the world, including Europe. If you are interested in these mobiles, you should know the price:

Black Shark 5 Price

  • black shark 5 de 8/128GB: 396 euros to change.
  • black shark 5 de 12/128GB: 424 euros to change.
  • black shark 5 de 12/256GB: 466 euros to change.

Black Shark 5 RS Price

  • Black Shark 5 RS de 8/256GB: 466 euros to change.
  • Black Shark 5 RS de 12/256GB: 537 euros to change.

Black Shark 5 Pro Price

  • black shark 5 pro 8/256GB: 593 euros to change.
  • black shark 5 pro 12/256GB: 663 euros to change.
  • black shark 5 pro 16/512GB: 775 euros to change.

As we mentioned at the beginning, gamer phones like the Black Shark stand out in terms of hardware and raw power without reaching the price of other high-end phones. Therefore, they are a more than recommended option both for players and for those looking for a mobile phone with hardware that will last for years.