Best Features In Android 11 You Should Try


Most Android users have smartphones that work on Android 10. Are you Android 10 or 11 users? Because Android 11 OS is only supported by Google Pixel Devices. If you have a smartphone that supports Android OS 11 then check out this amazing feature that you must try,

android 11

If you don’t have an Android 11 device, then you should also check these features maybe your phone will have an update later to update to Android 11,

Bangsep can say Android 11 is very similar to Android 10. Like when you use it in the beginning, you won’t get any difference, but the OS is not the same. So, here are the new features of the latest operating system Android 11,

1. Conversation Notification
In Android 11 there are three categories of notifications, Conversations, Alerting, and Silent. With this feature, you will never miss any important messages from any app on your phone. And the Alerting and Silent section is the same as in Android 10.
2. Notification History
You may have deleted the notification and then realized it was important. But you can’t see it anymore because it’s too late, the notification is gone. But with Android 11 it has the option to save notifications that come on your phone and which you have deleted on purpose or not,
You can view notifications for the last 24 hours and check notifications if you accidentally deleted them. But before that you have to activate this feature because it is not active by default,
Go to Settings > Applications & Notifications > Notifications > Notification history. Then, finally, enable the toggle feature. To check notifications, you must activate this feature because it is very important for our activities on the phone
3. Chat Bubbles
Chat Bubbles works similarly to Facebook Messenger on Android. When you get a new message, swipe down on the screen and check your chat notifications. In the lower right corner of the notification, you will see a small circle. Click on it and create a chat bubble that always monitors whatever you do on your phone,
4. Screen Recorder
There’s a built-in screen recording function that we’ve been waiting for a long time. To use this feature, you need to swipe down from the top of the screen and open quick settings from the notification bar. Then click the Record Screen icon. Then it will ask if you want to record device audio or audio using microphone,
5. Media Control
Android 11 has changed media controls. Now, the media controls are visible in the Quick Settings bar in the form of mini control settings,
6. Smart Device Control
Now, Power Button not only allows you to turn off or restart the phone, Power Button has more features now. When you hold it down for a while, it will launch a new screen showing additional options apart from power controls. There are shortcut options to use Google Play and others,
7. One time permission and auto reset
One-time permissions allows you to give more control to grant permissions only for certain sessions. If you grant permission for a specific session, after you close the app, Android will remove that permission. So whenever you use an app, give permission to use the app, And the “Auto Reset” app will delete the app that you have given location data permission. If you haven’t opened the app for a long time, Android will retract its permission and when you open the app, it will ask for permission again,
8. Dark Theme (Dark Mode)
Turn on a dark theme from the two different options given. The first is to schedule the dark theme to activate from sunset to sunrise and the other option is to enable the dark theme at a specific time.
9. App Suggestions (Available for Pixel Only)
Now, you can allow Google’s AI intelligence to control the apps on the dock. Android will use several ways to decide which five apps should be in your dock at any time of the day. Applications will continue to change. You can allow skipping some apps that you don’t want to keep in the dock. And also if you don’t want to be able to turn off the feature,
10. Pin ‘n’ ShareÂ
Pin your app to the share sheet for easy use whenever you want to share anything. With this feature, you can control which apps should be at the top of the list, and when you want to share them.

Above there are some of the best features in Android 11 that are the best and you should also try. There are other minor updates also available which BangSep hasn’t mentioned yet. Hopefully useful, Thank you.

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