Best Features on GoPay Gojek and OVO

Best Features on GoPay Gojek and OVO

Gopay and OVO are two new giants in payment instruments in Indonesia, which attracts these two companies not from the financial industry, but a transportation company, so it will be interesting to discuss the features in Gopay and OVO that make payment tools so popular.

Here’s a comparison of the two.

GoPay Gojek

Nowadays, who doesn’t know GoPay?

According to, this service can be found on the Gojek application, which previously had the name Go-Wallet. Its existence is very helpful, especially with regard to paying for transactions in the application.

About GoPay Services

When you use a conventional motorcycle taxi service, the payment transaction is made in cash according to a predetermined nominal.

The amount of the fare cannot be known from the start, unless you have asked before you go up. For anticipation, it is better to bring more money. It can be said that this is very inconvenient and not practical at all.

Currently, complicated things that cause trouble can be overcome when using Gojek services. To make it easier for customers to make payment transactions, a new service was created, namely GoPay.

No need to worry, besides being able to pay using non-cash through GoPay, it can also be done in cash. Another convenience is that before using the service you already know the amount of the tariff that will have to be paid later.

GoJek is equipped with various features such as GoRide, GoCar, GoFood, Go Clean, Go Massage, GoPulsa, GoTix, GoBox and so on. All payment transactions for these services can be done using GoPay.

Best features on GoPay GoJek

There are several best features on GoPay GoJek that you can use in daily activities -day. This service can be used to pay for every transaction related to the application. Like:

  1. Transfer-GoPay

    If your balance is large enough, it can be transferred to other GoPay users directly and without any other fees. This process can be done anytime and anywhere for 24 hours non-stop.

  2. Go Pay Cash Withdraw

    GoPay balances can also be withdrawn in cash from a bank account. To be able to activate the Transfer and Cash Withdrawal service, make sure you have upgraded your account by registering yourself along with a photo of yourself and an identity card.

  3. GoPay Diary

    GoJek has just launched another innovation to make it easier for users to monitor monthly expenses. This is done only by using Go Pay through a feature called GoPay Diary.

    This feature offers convenience, namely that users do not need to manually record all expenses used to pay for GoJek services. This is because everything will automatically be recorded in the GoPay Diary.

    With this, users can finally control their spending directly from GoPay. In addition, you can also see the total transactions for food, credit, transportation and so on. This data can then be used to plan the budget for the next month.

  4. GoBills

    Some time ago GoPay introduced GoBills to pay electricity, buy tokens and pay BPJS. Bill payments can be made quickly with just one application, without being complicated. That way, users will save more time.

  5. GoPulsa

    This feature is supported by various service operators in Indonesia, such as Indosat, Telkomsel, XL, Axis, 3 and also Smartfren. All your needs for top up credit and internet can always be met with GoPulsa. Payment transactions can be made using a GoPay balance.

  6. Go Points

    When you make a payment using GoPay, you will get a token. These can later be exchanged and will get various attractive vouchers. For that, don’t hesitate to always use GoPay. In addition to the many advantages, of course, the security of each transaction is guaranteed.

    Those are some of the best Go-Jek GoPay features that you can use. Various conveniences can be obtained with just one application. For that, do not not use it.


Always understanding the needs of its users, OVO provides various useful features in terms of transactions and finances. The application provides a variety of payment services made online. So, it is very easy and also practical. Then, what are the best features of OVO?

Other Benefits Behind OVO Features

OVO is the most widely used payment application nowadays. Not only because of its convenience, but also because of the many benefits it offers. In just one application, users can now make payments in various areas of need.

This application can be used for online motorcycle taxi payments, cellphone credit, electricity credit, donations or shopping for necessities at various outlets that cooperate with this OVO. In addition, another advantage that can be obtained is the existence of cashback in every purchase transaction.

So, the cashback point can reduce payment costs in subsequent transactions. Another advantage of using various features of the OVO application is that there are promotions in the form of vouchers or discounts that can be used for various purposes.

From these advantages, it is not surprising that OVO users are now increasing every year. This is accompanied by various application updates and various features in it, so that users are more comfortable and their privacy will be maintained.

OVO’s Best Features

For various services for your payment needs, OVO now comes with a variety of the best features. These features come with various uses and also different advantages. Among the best features in this app include.

  1. Transfers

    This feature provides free fund transfer services to fellow OVO users to accounts of various types of banks. This feature will provide access to transfer funds to other users or withdraw available cash funds.

    With just one application, now transfer activities at various banks can be easily carried out even without additional fees. This is the reason why users are very comfortable when making various transactions with this best feature of OVO.

    However, at the end of 2019, some transfers sometimes incur a fee of Rp. 3,000,- in one transaction to several types of banks. Transfers to other OVO users are still free and easy.

  2. OVO Premier

    Then there is the OVO premiere feature. By activating this feature, users can use various services specifically available in it. The advantage if the user has been activated by this feature is that they can save up to Rp. 10,000,000.-.

    In addition, users can freely make free transfers to various destination banks or to other OVO users. To activate this feature you only need an ID card and also enter the data.

  3. OVO Paylater

    In this feature, users can take advantage of credit services in every purchase transaction. Credits lent by OVO PayLater can reach Rp. 1,000,000, – and can be used for payments for various purposes at partner outlets.

    For payments, there are various tenors that can be chosen, namely 1 month, 3 months and also 6 months. So, users can choose according to their ability to pay in installments and also pay. With this feature all your needs can be met.

    The best features of OVO are here to provide convenience and comfort to every user. The many offers that are presented make other people interested in doing various kinds of transactions. To enjoy the benefits, make sure you register now.


You can see that the features offered by GoPay and OVO are very attractive, which have not been offered by banks or financial companies in Indonesia.

It’s natural for both of them to be giant payment instruments in Indonesia at this time.

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