Become an astronaut with the SpaceX simulator for Android


SpaceX Simulator for Android

Who said an aerospace simulator can’t be fun? Well, everything that comes from the world of SpaceX, a company founded by tycoon Elon Musk, is usually very entertaining.

A clear example of this is the video game called Space X Dragon To ISS Dockingan application developed by the SpaceX company that aims to allow anyone to manipulate a capsule in space.

Do you have what it takes to become a NASA astronaut?

Although this is a simple video game that perfectly emulates what astronauts do when connecting capsules in the space stations, there is a very interesting background that you should know.

Both NASA and SpaceX are looking for people with unique skills for your space projects. One of those skills is related to handling highly complex controls.

Believe it or not, this game is so, so real that those people who got a perfect score playing this video game, were contacted by NASA.

Space X game for Android

Connecting space capsules is a very difficult task, that is why users who have been able to connect them perfectly in this simulator, received job offers from the National Aeronautics and Space Administration.

In short, if you manage to connect several space capsules without errors, you could get a job at NASA or at SpaceX.

Download the SpaceX simulator on your mobile and put your skills to the test

Download simulator Space X Dragon To ISS Docking

If you have a mobile with Android 7.1 and 2 GB of RAM, you should give this interesting simulator a try. Of course, have a little patience, then learning all the controls and game mechanics is often very frustrating.

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It should be noted that this title has no comparison with the driving simulators that you can find on Android, what does this mean? What during the first minutes of the game you will be totally adrift.

Space X Dragon To ISS Docking Simulator

Last but not least, we recommend using an Android controller, this will give you a huge advantage when controlling the space capsules.