Be patient! Nintendo Switch Version of Genshin Impact Still in Development



Since announced launch Genshin Impact two years ago, miHoYo finally revealed the fate of this game in Nintendo Switch. Where is the good news, the console version made by Nintendo has not been canceled, it’s just that it is still in the development stage.

“The Switch version is still under development, and we will release more information as we progress,” said the Genshin Impact Team, quoted detikINET from Go Nintendo, Monday (9/5/2022).

However, this is the only information that can be conveyed by Genshin Impact, regarding its release on the Nintendo Switch. They are still reluctant to give details, after keeping many players waiting.

Where initially gamers began to doubt the final completion of this project. With various assumptions that have been put forward, one of them is rumored that miHoYo himself resigned his intention to explore the Switch port, due to technical limitations of the console itself.

It is given that the parties Nintendo reportedly is preparing to make a decline in sales. They are estimated to have only sold around 20 million Switch game consoles in the current fiscal year.

The amount fell to 10% from the previous fiscal year. According to Nikkei Asia, this was due to a shortage of semiconductor components and disruptions in the logistics network that hampered production.

In contrast to 2020, this figure is down by 30%. Where Nintendo Switch sales reached a peak of 28.83 million units. Meanwhile, when referring to 2021, the estimate is down to 20%.

Meanwhile, although the Switch port’s release date is unknown, the development team Genshin Impact keep trying to provide a great playing experience, by providing updates in the game. miHoYo has introduced version 2.6, featuring a new character, Kamisato Ayato and an expansion to Liyue, The Chasm.

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This update, will improve the story of the Kamisato clan. They are the much loved family from the land of Inazuma in the game.

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