AutoWin! This is the Clash Royale Deck Recommendation for January 2022


deck is one of the keys to the game games Clash Royale. Moreover, each player must be smart in managing deck can achieve victory in each level. Because, each level in Ranked Mode Clash Royale has its own difficulties. So you should arrange as often as possible deck.

If you have difficulty pushing rank or getting a win in Clash Royale, there’s no need to worry. Cause, team have a recommendation for the best Clash Royale deck for those of you who are in rank top. In fact, you can use this deck to advance to Master rank.

The key, you must have a hero with a high level. That’s because it will be able to balance the opponent’s game. With a high-level hero, rotation deck what you do can run optimally.

Here are some recommendations for Clash Royale decks that you can try.

Mother Witch Cannons

deck Mother Witch Cannons are not really a secret anymore. If you use this deck, your opponent will automatically experience big problems. Key of deck this is in the figure of Witch. Coupled with an elixir card, you don’t need to be confused about summoning during a match. This is the card you must have.

Barbarian Barrel
Canon Cart
Flying Machine
Goblin Hut
Mega Knight
Mother Witch

Archer Queen Mega Knight deck Clash Royale

This deck focuses on providing space for the Archer Queen to attack the opposing tower with great damage. Therefore, you need spell Logs as well as Thunder. But, you have to play patiently and don’t be careless so that you don’t make mistakes. Try these cards.

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Archer Queen
Dark Prince
Electro Spirit
Mega Knight
Ram Rider
The Log

Lava Hound Balloon Deck

The last deck you can try is relying on Lava Hound and Balloon (LavaLoon) cards. While it’s fairly easy to figure out how to play LavaLoon, timing the use of Fireball and Lightning will greatly determine your victory. If you’re interested in trying it out here are the cards you’ll need:

Lava Hound
Mega Minions
Skeleton Dragons