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April Clash Royale Update, Brings Adjustments to Some Cards


Entering the new month, one of the games esports, Clash Royale introduces updates in-game. Games made by Super Cell that recently introduced a content update. A number of new content that is present in updates this time it’s a new card, changes to the Badge, and the Card Mastery feature.

Not only content, this update is also accompanied by changes to the balance that have been released since Monday, April 4, 2022. As usual, updates what Clash Royale does is a regular monthly update. So, if you are still curious about the details of updates Clash Royale balance, can be seen below.

In addition to presenting new cards, the developer also made adjustments to a number of cards that were previously present. A total of five cards will get buffwhile the other six will benerf. Two cards have also been reworked with major changes made to Electro Giant. The card now costs seven elixirs instead of eight. However, Electro Giant has lower hitpoints and damage than before. Below are details of the balance changes for April 2022.


– Now gives +2 level instead of +1.

Golden Knight
– Dash Range: Five to six
– The chain stops when he reaches the tower.

Giant Skeleton
– Hit Speed: Increase by seven percent
– Hitpoints: Increase by seven percent

– Hit Speed: Increase by nine percent

Ice Spirit
– Freeze Duration: Increase by 30 percent


– Spawn Rate: Decreased by five percent

Ram Rider
– Slow Effect: 85 to 70 percent

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Archer Queen
– Ability to increase Hit Speed: 200 percent to 180 percent

– Spawned Skeletons: One skeleton less

– Hitpoints: Down by four percent

Mega Knight
– Spawn Damage: Reduced by 20 percent


Elixir Collector
– Will now grant one Elixir when destroyed.
– Duration: 70 to 65 seconds
– Elixir Generator: 8.5 to nine seconds

Electro Giants
– Elixir Cost: Eight to seven
– Hitpoints: Decreased 15 percent
– Damage: Reduced by 15 percent.