Apple Wants to Switch iPhone Lightning Port to USB-C Like Android’s



Apple iPhone currently uses a Lightning connection so it needs an additional connector to connect to various devices. Photo: Engadget

JAKARTA – Apple seems to be changing the charger port on the latest iPhone devices. According to a Bloomberg report, the Cupertino, US-based company is currently testing devices that use a USB-C port.

As reported Engadget, Saturday (14/5), if this is true then later the latest iPhone will use a USB-C slot. This will make it easier for the iPhone to connect to various accessory devices on the market. Previously, Apple users had to use the Lightning-to-USB-C connector.

So, an iPhone with a USB-C port can also support accessories such as a credit card scanner or flash drive. However, the Bloomberg report notes that this will not happen until 2023.

The presence of an iPhone with a USB-C port itself has actually been eagerly awaited by users. Because, it will bring a lot of benefits and convenience. One of them is faster charging and data.

iPhone users who previously used USB-C for charging will not have to bother buying a different cable when using an iPhone. Because USB-C can be found everywhere.

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Plus, the USB-C feature on iPhone doesn’t just simplify the ecosystem. But also cut e-waste in the future.



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