Apple Returns the Speed ​​Change Feature in the Future iOS 15.5 Update

9 – iOS 15.5 will again bring the Apple Music API used by third-party song player applications that allow users to change the speed of songs. This information was announced by Apple’s Software Engineer.

The reason is, in the iOS 15.4 update, Apple removed the API used by third-party applications from Apple Music that allowed players to change the playback speed of songs.

Apple Music itself does not allow players to change the speed of music playback, but popular applications such as Perfect Tempo allow users to do so.

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However, for some unknown reason, Apple suddenly removed the API in the iOS 15.4 update, but it is known that in the release of iOS 15.5 which is currently in the testing phase, Apple will return the API.

Joe Kun, a software engineer on the Apple Music team, brought an update to developers frustrated by the removal of the API previously via iGeneration:

He said that after re-evaluating the removal of the API and removing the ability for app developers to change the playback speed for some subscription content from third-party Apple Music apps, the Apple Music developer team decided to restore the ability to the same as before.

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