Apple prepares a cheap iPhone that would be a nightmare for Android


The iPhone SE 2022 could hit the market for just 300 euros, who could compete with such a smartphone?

According to some rumors, Apple would be preparing a device that could revolutionize the market. The iPhone SE 2022 It would offer many of the features of its older brothers, the iPhone 13, cutting back on other aspects to have much cheaper price.

The iPhone SE 2020, which was introduced 2 years ago, came with an old-school design, a lot of power, and a somewhat more attractive price than its older brothers. It is rumored that the company would present its successor on March 8 at an event where a new iPad Air is also expected.

iphone se black

The iPhone SE (2020) is beautiful, resistant, powerful and with updates 5 years away.

The new iPhone SE 2022 would be a poisoned dart for Android

The new iPhone SE, which may be called iPhone SE+ 5Git would have the new connectivity, an improved camera and Apple’s powerful A15 Bionic chip, the same one found in the iPhone 13. Some analysts have pointed out that would go on the market for 300 dollarsa truly groundbreaking price.

The iPhone SE 2020 was not the revolution that many predicted, for reasons that do not seem too complicated to find out. The Apple device hit the market for €489with the design of iPhone 8, a mobile that had seen the light almost 3 years before. In a landscape full of “all screen” mobiles, the frames of this small iPhone collided a lot.

iPhone 13 black

The back of the iPhone 13 in black.

In addition, we cannot say that it was a cheap smartphone, far from it. Yes, its price was more adjusted, but if none of your characteristics is groundbreaking and you stay in no man’s landit is very difficult to become a success.

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Why the new iPhone SE is not and cannot be the revolution they intend to sell you

It does not seem that we are going to find a new design, although it does not seem to make sense the new iPhone SE would arrive with large frames on its front. We have no doubt an iPhone with a modern front and a price of less than 400 euros would be a real revolutionbut everything indicates that we will not get to see it.

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