Apple Pays IDR 289 Billion Fine to iPhone 4s Users Due to iOS 9



Seven years ago, a consumer group in New York and New Jersey filed a lawsuit against Apple. They claim that the company is trying to reduce performance iPhone 4s by releasing iOS 9.

At that time, iOS 9 brought improvements from the previous generation. Apple also provides many new features on the operating system. But for some users, this is the beginning of the end of the iPhone 4s.

The device is still eligible for the update. But after being updated the performance is even sluggish compared to the previous iOS version.

Unfortunately, Apple closed the ability for users to downgrade to previous versions of iOS. This then angered many iPhone 4s users, demanding that Apple compensate those affected.

This demand was finally granted recently. The court announced that Apple must pay a fine of USD 20 million or around Rp. 289.9 billion to those affected.

To note, it’s been more than a decade since the iPhone 4s was released. This HP was quite successful in its time.

iPhone 4s launched with iOS 5 and received operating system updates for several years after release, with the last update iOS 9.

Unfortunately Apple’s plans to keep the iPhone 4s up to date have had to bite the finger. Many reports claim that after updating to iOS 9, iPhone 4s run slowly or experience lag issues, even users in Japan find the device shuts down.

Despite the class action lawsuit, Apple continues to try and support its iPhone models to the best of their ability. This means that most of their devices are constantly updated, giving the iPhone a longer breather.

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Currently, Apple’s latest iOS version is iOS 15, and the oldest supported iPhone model for this version is the iPhone 6s.

iPhone 6s originally launched with iOS 9 and continues to receive annual updates. This phone has received six operating system updates since its launch.

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